Let's discover Buenos Aires together!




The first 300 years

Learn about the origin of Buenos Aires: from being a poor Spanish settlement burned down and abandoned, to becoming a big city full of European migrants who changed the local culture, architecture and customs forever. A history that includes smuggling, invasions, revolution, independency and more!

Languages: Italian - Japanese

Duration: 3.5 h



The Paris of South America

In the early 20th century, big European-style familiar residences and public parks were built in a specific part of the city. Let's walk the streets of the Argentine aristocracy, including the famous Recoleta cemetery, one among the world's most important due to its artistic and historical heritage (be ready for some tombs' true stories!).

Languages: Italian - Japanese

Duration: 3.5 h



The Modern City

After being declared Capital city of Argentina, Buenos Aires started a period of important urban changes: public buildings ostentous enough to be called "palaces"; wide avenues and pedestrian streets; cinemas and theaters; an unique financial district ... This is how the city became a metropolis as we know it today.

Languages: Italian - Japanese

Duration: 3.5 h

Other personalised experiences I offer...

TANGO NIGHT - Tango Lesson + Milonga (Dance Club)


Hidemi, tango teacher from Japan living in BA, will show you one of her favourite ballrooms and introduce you into tango culture with a group lesson. Finally, you will attend the "milonga" (dancing) and learn about its customs and codes.

PORTEÑO FLAVOURS - Traditional Cuisine of B.A.


Let's taste together the most typical flavors that you won't find in a "gourmet" restaurant. Choose between a restaurant from 1860 + a cafe (1894, Av de Mayo) or a pizzeria (1947, Chacarita), both cultural interest sites.

We will walk around the neighborhood too.

B.A. LANDMARKS IN 1 DAY - Sightseeing Bus + 3 Private Walking Tours


Best option to see most of the BA landmarks combining the official Touristic Bus with 3 private walking tours of 30min each done my myself (Plaza de Mayo, La Boca and Recoleta). Ideal if you do not like walking too much. Your bus ticket will be valid for the whole day.

TIGRE - Navigation and Nature


Town located in the Parana River Delta, which was a recreational place for the BA aristocracy at the beginning of the 20th century. It is a must-do excursion for those who visit BA. And we go there by boat, navigating the River Plate!

COLONIA DEL SACRAMENTO (URUGUAY) - Historical Day Trip (Optional: Horseriding)


Just 1h ferry from BA, Colonia -the oldest city in Uruguay- holds one cultural pearl of South America: the UNESCO World Heritage "Historical Quarter" founded in 1680 by the Portuguese crown. And if you like horses, don't miss our unique beach horseriding!